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No, the food to consume at will to lose three pounds at night does not exist.
In contrast, fat burners, though! Their role ?
Offer a welcome boost to prevent fat assimilation,
remove fat deposits, or boost metabolism.
Overview of the best allies of the regime.

A fat burning food, what is it?

To each his specialty, to each his method.
But in any case, the benefits of fat-burning foods are only valid
in the case of a balanced diet!

The most famous ? Foods that can stimulate the metabolism,
to push it to use up to 20% more energy …
and therefore to consume more calories.

Some combine the production of fat-killing enzymes,
forcing the body to dig into the reserves.

Others rely on a role of filter.
Some of the fat ingested is captured by fat-burning foods
before you reach your hips.
A miracle ? No, but a definite boost.

Gifted Food Enriched Gifters
Difficult to classify, but easy to place,
they slip into the dishes, dot the recipes or replace the caloric foods.
They The fat burners to sow!

Cinnamon is the specialist, reducing blood sugar levels and stimulating digestion.
This is also the case for unsweetened cocoa, honey, onions, chilli or guarana.
Oat bran captures some of the ingested fats, and green tea or agar helps eliminate them.

Vegetables that help burn fat
Want a good fat burning hotpot? Go for the vegetables:
in addition to a low calorie intake and nutrients welcome,
some boost metabolism and capture fat.

This is the case of leeks, cabbages of all kinds, spinach, zucchini or pepper.
Asparagus is not outdone, followed by endive or aubergine.
As for celery, it consumes more calories to digest than it brings to swallow!

Fruits to lose weight
Fruit side, bet on citrus: vitamin C would push the body
to burn fat up to 30% more effectively than in the deficit …
as is the case for most of us. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits,
but also papaya, strawberry, pineapple or kiwi?

Vary the fruits and decline the salads, the tip burn-fat par excellence.
More choice ? Think melon, apples, blueberries, or even avocado … since, yes,
it’s a fruit!

Fat-burning foods: meat and fish
A real dish that burns fat is possible, as long as the ingredients are well chosen. The secret ? Foods low in fat and high in protein!

Choose chicken breast, cod, crustaceans, turkey, tuna or tofu.
And to accompany them, forget the fat sauces: bet on lean dairy products,
such as cottage cheese, yoghurt or skimmed milk.


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