With Yoni’s Egg Muscling His Perineum

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The yoni egg is a semi-precious stone object that allows you to strengthen your vagina. Her practice adapts to every stage of a woman’s life, depending on her age, lifestyle and experiences. Lilou Macé, author of “The egg of yoni the feminine revealed and released”, teaches us how to use the egg yoni and better know his body and his sexuality.
What is yoni? The term yoni, from Sanskrit, an Indo-European ancestral language, refers to the outer part of the female sex (pubis, Venus mound, urethra, lips, clitoris), but also the inside (uterus, vagina, pelvic floor, ovaries and horns).

In her book L’oeuf de yoni, the feminine revealed and released (published by Leduc.s Pratique), Lilou Macé affirms that exploring the secrets of her yoni is a key entry to sexual fulfillment, intimate health and vitality unprecedented.

The yoni egg is an excellent tool to achieve this.

Yoni’s egg, what is it?
The origin of the yoni egg
2000 years ago, in ancient China, the emperor was a harem of women charged with watching over his pleasure.

They learned in the greatest secrecy how to master the art of the yoni egg. How? By inserting into their vagina (yoni) a small jade egg attached to a string.

With the help of massages and contractions of their vagina, they took control of their sexual organ. They thus gave pleasure to the emperor, while avoiding that he ejaculates not to risk becoming pregnant.

Today, the goal is of course no longer to satisfy a man of power but to better know his body, control his sexual energy and intensify his orgasms!
What is the yoni egg made of?
This semi-precious or precious stone object was originally made of jade. Today, there are yoni eggs in pink quartz, amethyst, carnelian, lapis lazuli …

Each stone has different benefits, which must be known to choose the egg that corresponds to our personality and our needs.

The yoni egg exists in three sizes: large, small and medium.

For most women, medium and large eggs are ideal. The largest (3.5 cm wide) is especially for beginners.

Why ? As it is wider, it fits well in the vagina and exercises are easier to control. As time goes by, the more we train our vagina to be toned, the more we can choose a small egg.

But where to buy a yoni egg? The easiest way is to order it online. Prices vary between 20 and 50 euros.
The benefits of Yoni’s egg
The use of the egg adapts to all stages of a woman’s life. It can for example be used to strengthen his perineum.

But basically, what is the point of having a toned perineum? First, prevent urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness or pelvic pain.

But also to increase sensations during the sexual act!

From a physical point of view: “The egg yoni will improve the natural hydration, but also promote lubrication,” says Corinne Leger, osteopath.

And mental: “Through the practice of the yoni egg, the woman becomes aware of the importance of spending time, taking care of this part of her body and listening to it”, explained in her book Lilou Mace.

Getting to know her body better, her sexual desires and controlling the muscles of her perineum help to increase her libido and intensify her orgasms. A beautiful program!

Yoni’s egg to increase your libido and intensify your orgasms!

How to use the yoni egg?
Insert the yoni egg
First, clean the egg before and after use with warm water and mild soap. It can also be coated with essential oil, for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Some yoni eggs are pierced to allow to attach a string (cotton, dental floss …). So when you want to remove it, you just have to pull on the string as with that of a buffer.

To insert it gently into the vagina, you must first relax, inhale and exhale several times. We then massage the lower abdomen, the inner thighs and its yoni.

Then warm the egg with his hands and insert it at the moment of inspiration. It is accompanied by pushing with the finger, so that it is completely sucked by the vagina.

The muscles then naturally contract around the egg to keep it in place. If this is not the case, it is that it may be necessary to change size or simply that the perineum lacks tonicity.
What exercises to practice with yoni egg?
The basic exercise is to inhale and exhale while contracting and relaxing the vagina to muscle.

We add a gentle movement of basin to accompany the movement of the egg inside us. It is then necessary to listen to one’s body and to move according to sensations felt.

There are a multitude of exercises to do with his yoni. Here are two:

– Exercise to strengthen the organs: lie down, inhale and squeeze the egg into the vagina. Climb the pubis as high as possible. Exhale while descending on the vertebrae floor by vertebra. While pronouncing “mmm”, “oooh”, “aahh” to free the throat.

– The wipers: slightly open the legs and tilt both feet at the same time inwards. Keep your feet bent all the time. Bring them out by squeezing their buttocks and pulling them inward, touching the big toes. We focus on the genitals that work indoors.

It is important to take breaks between exercises to rest your yoni. To remove the yoni egg just breathe deeply, relax the vagina and pull the string while exhaling.


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