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Doing yoga has never been so fashionable! Formerly confined to an aging image of cool babas practicing meditation (admit that you have thought!), Yoga is now on the rise. Just look at the explosion of rooms offering courses, but also, and especially, the many accounts on Instagram dedicated to this practice to unify the body and mind via sequences of postures more or less advanced. Discover without further delay our record devoted to yoga!
Is yoga for me?
But yes ! Stop the clichés. Everyone can do yoga. You are not flexible? No problem, the practice of yoga will allow you to acquire more flexibility.

You have some curves? So what ? You do not have to be slender to do yoga. Do you eat burgers and drink beer? Practicing yoga is not incompatible with culinary pleasures!

The accepted ideas about yoga are hard to come by, but to realize that they are unfounded, there is nothing better than to go through the door of a yoga studio and try. No doubt you will become addicted!

And know that yoga classes attract more and more men … What combine benefits of yoga and pleasure of the eyes!

What type of yoga to choose?
Hatha yoga, fly yoga, ashtanga yoga … Difficult to navigate among all variants of yoga! Want a dynamic yoga? Why not try flow yoga that combines traditional postures with dance?

Need to relax ? Yoga Nidra is for you. This yoga is particularly relaxing and will help you find calm and serenity.

There is necessarily a yoga practice that corresponds to each according to the expectations and benefits sought. Dynamic yoga, strala yoga and even cat yoga for cat lovers: find the different yogas in our special folder!

Yoga, a sport in its own right!
You imagine yoga as a practice similar to the granny’s sweet gym? Lost ! Yoga is a real sport practice.

Although it is often used in addition to other sports such as running, practicing yoga alone not only allows you to stretch your muscles but also to build muscles. Your stomach is firm and your shoulders muscular!

New practices of yoga
Yoga is constantly renewing itself and every day brings a lot of novelties, enough to satisfy all desires! Need to boost your libido? Did you know that there is a yoga for this? This is yogasm and it’s a great opportunity to practice as a couple.

For some time Bikram yoga classes have been blooming in the studios. The principle: to chain 26 postures in a room heated to 40 ° C. Summer is the sup-yoga, alliance of yoga and stand up paddle (SUP) that has the wind in its sails.

And in winter, we fall for snowga which, as its name suggests, is practiced in the snow! Chilly, abstain!


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