WHAT GIFT TO OFFER TO Valentine’s Day?

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to prove by offering him a gift to the height of your feelings … It is still necessary to find THE good gift idea Valentine’s Day … Romantic gift or sexy gift, gift for her or gift for him, we select, for you, all the good ideas of gifts to make your Valentine’s Day a success!

For some, Valentine’s Day is a commercial party. For others, this is the perfect opportunity to declare his love.

If you are in a relationship, do not think that we will tell you that the gift is obligatory: to each couple his Valentine’s Day!

That said, we can say that Valentine’s Day will not pass by us, when the good girlfriend had flowers in the office, we, we just have a chouïa glands …

As for the singles who are getting ready to celebrate their best Galentine’s Day, this selection of gifts also concerns them. One offers one’s love to one’s friends, to one’s lovers, or to oneself, because there is no reason to deprive oneself.

What Valentine’s Day gift for a woman?

Do not panic, the choice is vast! To please his sweetheart (or his friend we love, or his friend last bachelor of the band, it does not matter that it is a woman who deserves it), there is only l ‘lots of choice.

In the category “gifts to celebrate our love”, first, we ask for a jewel, a bouquet of flowers, a beautiful engagement ring to make his marriage proposal (we pose it there, just like that, by chance), a ring, pretty lingerie or even, let’s be crazy, an invitation to celebrate Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts!

In the category of classic gifts that always work: a perfume, of course, but also make-up, a garment, a pack of sweets, a good sauce pomodoro e basilico that will go on pasta cooked with love (pasta al dente, secret of a couple that lasts, we tell you!)

Also (and especially), a simple “I love you” on a post-it …

What Valentine’s Day gift for a man?

In search of THE good Valentine’s day gift idea for a man? You fall (again) steep!

In the category Love with a big A, we ask a massage oil (you decide if you offer it for him … or for his hands on your back), a nice slip (or a boxer, each his team ) made in France, a shaving kit to give a thousand kisses that do not sting (to you, of course), and flowers, because men also love flowers!

And as the classic has not finished seducing us, we do not hesitate to highlight the gift ideas that we could not do at Christmas: a garment, a perfume, a watch, a wallet, a body care, and sweet words, of course …

What Valentine’s Day gift for a couple?

Since Valentine’s Day is Lover’s Day, why not think of a gift for two? A trip or a night in a palace, for larger budgets, or a simple (but delicious) romantic dinner, at the restaurant or at home. Concoct yourself the best of Valentine’s Day menus and live your evening with two, just two.

A massage for two, good chocolates or a good bottle of wine also ensure a (very) beautiful moment.

Do you think we were going to let you go without any naughty gift ideas? It was bad to know us. We can not fail to recommend social games that spice the sex life, greedy lubricants or sextoys to invite in your antics, of course …

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