Introduction of advertising :-

Do you know the advertising and it’s we are leading it. The term “Advertising” originates from the Latin word “advertere” which means “to turn the mind towards”. The dictionary meaning of the term advertising is “to give public notice or to announce publicity”. This suggests that advertising is useful for drawing the attention of people (prospects) towards a specific product/service/ manufacturer.

Advertising is an essential requirement of sales promotion and large-scale marketing. It acts as a supplement of salesmanship. In advertising, information about goods/services is given through different media and consumers. are encourag to purchase specific goods/services. It is also describedp as impersonal salesmanship or salesmanship in print. It appeals to masses and prepares proper background for salesmanship.

Advertising is a technique of attracting the attention of consumers to a specific product/service and making that product/service popular and thereby to promote sales. Advertising offers many benefits to producers, consumers andothers. There should be no opposition to creative and positive advertising. It has a long history and is bound to exist as long as competitive .production and marketing activities are undertaken.

DEFINITIONS of advertising :-

(1) The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines advertising as “any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.”1

(2) According to David Potter “The only institution we have for instilling new needs, for training people to act as consumers, for altering men’s values and thus for hastening their adjustment to potential abundance advertising”.


1) Consumer Advertising:

Consumer advertising is informative as well as persuasive. All consumer items need continuous and extensive advertising. Advertising on TV, radio and press is mainly consumer advertising. Consumer advertising is useful for promoting sale of grocery items, cosmetics, cloth and consumer durables. Large majority of advertisements that we read in the newspapers or view on TV are of consumer items such as soaps and detergent powders.

2) Industrial Advertising:

Industrial customers require raw materials, spare parts, components and machinery for the conduct of their manufacturing activities. The purchasers of industrial goods are limit in number. It is therefore necessary to select the media properly to supply information to target customers to answer inquiries from prospective buyers, to provide support to salesforce and distributors and to create market reputaion.

3) Insitutionl advertising –

Institutional advertising (also calcorporate or image building advertising) is basically for promoting corporate image. Even so It aims at creating favourable image of the company in to the minds of consumers and others including suppliers, dealers, retailers, shareholders and the society at large. In addition Institutional advertising is not for achieving specific sales target. On the other hand, it aims at creating market reputation and good image of the company among all social groups.

(4) Classified Advertising:

Advertisers use classified advertising in the newspapers for a number of reasons such as situation vacant, matrimonials, to let, lease premises, real estates and so on. The bookings for classified advertising are readily available. Classifie advertising provide ads are just text set in small type, some newspapers also accept classifi display advertising. These ads are run in the classifi section of the paper but use illustrations, larger type sizes, white space, border and even colour to make them eye-catching.

(5) National Advertising:

National advertising is the extension of regional advertising. It covers the entire country within its fold. Here, the advertising message is given to consumers all over the country. Branded goods are suitable for national level advertising.

National newspapers, radio and TV network are some media use for national advertising. Even so sports events are sponsore for nationwide advertising. So In India, HUL, Godrej, Vicco, Jet Airways, Bajaj and Amul, are some leading advertisers at the national level.

(6) Generic Advertising:

Primary advertising aims at giving publicity to various products irrespective of their brand or name. A trade association for example, may advertise certain products without referring to their specific brand name e.g., Tea Board may advertise motivating people to consume more tea. Primary advertising is use when a new type of product is introduce in the market.

Do you know the advertising and it’s amazing types ?

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