Trampoline: Tonus Without Stress

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The way Emma get laid in the air would she be the secret of balance and happiness? The trampoline, the ultimate tonic sport …
Trampoline in practice, what does it give?
Since childhood, I love flying: I tried paragliding and free fall, but as I live in the city, it’s not easy to practice. One day, a girlfriend sends me a video about a trampoline champion. I do research on the Net, and the next day, I push the door of a club. In my memories, the trampoline canvas is much larger.
There, it is 4 meters by 2, and I am disappointed.

But the first jumps remind me immediately of my delusions as a child.
After warming up on the ground to activate muscles and ligaments, we spend fifteen minutes on the canvas to take cues, to prepare the inner ear, the eyes and the whole body to unusual sensations.

Then, we enter the belly, we tighten the buttocks, we bend our legs slightly, and we jump.
There, it becomes magic: candles, gaps or group jumps, receptions, tendrils …

Good performance for trampoline
Gym shorts or tights, a t-shirt, a pair of socks or dance ballerinas.

The sensations brought by this sport
From the first jump, you feel like a cosmonaut in zero gravity.
We have a feeling of freedom, of absolute grace. The direct contact with the air, without being harnessed, is magic. You control your body in a small space and it requires a huge concentration. When I jump high, the time is suspended as in a movie in slow motion, I can break down each movement.

Tips for practicing trampolines
In trampoline, you quickly reach thrills.
But you have to be careful: the intensity of a jump is close to a sprint over 200 meters. The heart rises quickly in the towers and we run out if we are not properly heated. We must repeat each jump. Doing ten candles in a row without losing balance and bouncing exactly ten times in the center of the jumping mat with your feet together is far from child’s play.

The results on my silhouette
In one trimester with two one-hour sessions a week, we are toned up dramatically thanks to the intensity of contractions during falls and receptions. All without stress for the joints since the soft surface of the fabric absorbs nearly 90% of the shocks.

In three years, I have never had a problem with tendonitis. By jumping, one also sheaths the abdominal strap and one replaces its fat by muscle: 500 calories burned per hour. Mentally, it’s a revolution: controlling my body in any situation has given me a lot of confidence. I finally found a good balance in my life!


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