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The theory is very good, but the practice is better. What better way to know what works than to listen to those who experiment? The secrets to having Last longer sex

In terms of sexuality there are undoubtedly scientific and physiological truths, but there are also many psychological variables.

The secrets to having Last longer sex

‘How can I last longer?’ For example, this is one of the most frequently asked questions that I would like to ask for a national survey.
Of course there are tricks, based on how the human body and erection work.

But I rather discover the techniques that really work at home.

Also I was delighted to receive a message from a reader who wanted to share with you his most effective thing to last in bed.

I will give it to you as the last of these 4 methods to delay ejaculation:

1 Relax your muscles
Take the test. When you feel that the point of no return is approaching, lean on your arms, contract the abs and especially, contract the muscles of the buttocks. You will not be able to restrain yourself from enjoying, on the contrary.

Conversely, at the same time put yourself on the back, relax all your muscles and let your partner do. There is a good chance that the pleasure will come more slowly, or even that you can really delay it.

It’s a physical rule, contracting your muscles, especially in the urogenital area, speeds up ejaculation. The opposite is therefore also true.

2 Adapt your breathing
More precisely to try the triangular breathing. It is a breathing-concentration exercise that requires a little training but can be very effective.

You will have to follow a breathing pattern including: inspiration, air retention, expiration.

Very important, each of these three phases must last the same amount of time.

So, try to inhale for 4 seconds, hold the air for 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds.

Just focusing on respecting this timing and the three phases of breathing should disconnect you from the sexual act for a moment.

3 Muscle her perineum
The perineum, or pelvic floor, is a kind of muscle band between the testicles and the anus.

Muscle exercises are better known as Kegel exercises.

They are a solution recommended by doctors against premature ejaculation because they allow to better identify his feelings and control ejaculation.

To spot the perineal muscles, try to hold the urine stream during urination. When you have located the muscle in question and feel how to contract it you will only have to train regularly to alternate contractions of a few seconds and relaxation.

To learn more read this.

4 Think about something else
We come to the testimony of our reader: “Concerning the question of endurance, I use my thoughts. I do not think about sexual pleasure, I do not indulge. I’m thinking of something else, about non-sex topics. It allows me to reach countless minutes. Sometimes even 30 minutes. And if I do not use these techniques, if I get carried away by the passion and the excessive desire, I only lasts 2 to 3 minutes. ”

That was The secrets to having Last longer sex

I want to say, bravo! Spend 2-3 minutes to 30 minutes just by the power of the brain, and without losing your erection, it’s not bad at all.

But our reader has a doubt that he raises at the end of his message:

“Is it wrong to use this technique, is it removing the feeling at home? ”

There I want to ask a single question: “you and your partner are you satisfied with this technique? “.

If so, no problem. If you manage to last 30 minutes but your partner feels that you are not really there, then you could perhaps try to reduce the amount to increase the relational quality.

In any case, the following advice is valid for the four techniques I mentioned to you:

Keep in mind that a 15-minute intercourse is more than enough to allow a woman to have an orgasm, and if you do it well by stimulating her clit before and during the penetration you could reduce this duration to 5 minutes.

I will advise you not to systematize the marathons of sex just for the principle.
The secrets to having last longer sex.
To give and receive pleasure is the purpose of the sexual relation a priori. To last to its limits.
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