The Fractional training method, WHAT IS IT?

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Fractional is a training method specifically designed
to improve the athletic performance of runners.
Discover its instructions.
The fractional at a glance
Fractional is also known as “interval training”. This is,
as the name suggests, to run in a fractional way.

The Fractional training method

Fractional is practiced thanks to a very precise method.
Studied to increase the capacity of athletes,
fractional training consists of a succession of intense efforts
repeated over a certain distance.

The intensity and distances must be adapted to each runner according to a specific program.
The recovery times between each session of efforts are very important
because they favor on the one hand the recovery
and on the other hand the improvement of the physical performances.

Fractional: the practice
This training method of running alternates an acceleration phase,
a recovery phase and the resumption of a regular race stride.
The split is preferably done on a race track of 400 meters.

The distances traveled and the intensity
of the effort require a good grip and a precise distance.
Hence the importance of practicing it on a suitable and suitable surface.

Running in split: for whom?
Since its creation in the 1930s,
the method has proved its worth
and has gradually become democratized.
All types of riders can adopt this type of training.

If you are a beginner in running,
the split will allow you to improve your physical performance.
The strong mobilization of the muscles over a short time will also
have an impact on your cardio-respiratory capacities.

You will quickly improve your stamina and the management of your strides.

Running in split: the method
When you regularly run to a regular stride,
on your favorite playlist,
your body tends to get used to the effort.
You notice a stagnation in your physical performance.

This is where the split can become useful.
Especially if you are preparing to run a marathon.

The ideal is to practice the split
by following the advice of a certified sports coach.
However, you can test a split
workout while paying special attention
to your warm-up beforehand.

Indeed it is a question of running
at the maximum of your speed over a long distance.
For example on 1200 meters,
you will run 4 times for at least
6 minutes in constant acceleration.

Between each of the 4 accelerations
do not forget the recovery time.
1 to 2 minutes of recovery are necessary
before starting a new phase of acceleration.

Running in split: the effects
The split has been designed to develop
the physical abilities of marathoners.

By following this training,
you will quickly see an improvement
in your endurance and recovery ability.

These two elements are essential to progress
well and keep the distance.


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