The skipping rope to refine its silhouette

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New silhouette and exceptional shape: it’s possible. Often forgotten, skipping rope is not just a breeze. It also allows you to build your body and refine your figure effectively. Sport ideal to lose weight without suffering, skipping rope is our hobby.

I have always been a jack of all trades and a battery. I have tried all the sports of the earth since I was little. Judo, boxing, running, gym, swimming … At first I like it, then after three, four months, I get bored or the spirit of competition becomes too present and that’s not what I’m looking for.
But as I have energy to spare, I really have to move.

One day, to laugh, I stitch my cousin’s skipping rope.
And I realize that I have not lost any reflex of playground. I went to buy one at a sports store.
Since then, I lug around everywhere and I go out whenever I can. This practical aspect is important because like many women, I am overwhelmed.

There I feel free, no schedules to respect!
The skipping rope: the sensations
After the warm up, we go to fun exercises like the full twister, for example.
It consists of jumping over the rope with feet together and pivoting the pelvis to the right without moving the upper body.

We get on tiptoe with knees slightly bent. Then we start again on the other side, and so on. When you control, you feel you’re growing wings.

The skipping rope: tips for getting there
It must be done 15 minutes at least three times a week, on hard ground (the soft ground is more tiring and you can get hurt).
That’s equivalent to 1h30 of running, a great time saver!
Good posture: respect neck-head-spine alignment, tummy tuck, keep shoulders low and elbows close to the body.

The results of the jump rope
They are spectacular.
At the cardio level, it’s fantastic.
A coach explained to me that by jumping, the calves massage the deep veins, resulting in a better blood return to the heart and therefore a better circulation of the blood.

I have minci: here again, it is the small, short and dry movements of the jumps that chase away the fat.
We sweat a lot, so we get rid of toxins. Everything works, even the arms, and the abs are constantly solicited. Mentally, it calmed me down. After each session, I feel liberated, at ease in my body.

Sauter also made me discover a neighboring practice, the dutch double: two strings long 3.50 meters turned by two people, and between which we must chain as many figures as possible.
It’s a great complement.

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