What Perfume To Turn The Head Valentine’s Day?

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It is cold: it is the favorite month of the lovers, who have only one desire, that to be lover under the quilt … But how to make totally succumb your darling? Have you thought about wearing an addictive scent? A fragrance so sensual that it will only melt love for you …
Your olfactory signature
Like a print, a perfume is a real signature.

Scope, any fragrance takes another dimension depending on the type of skin, and it becomes unique and unforgettable for the one who loves you! It is also worn according to its temperament, seasons or occasions.

Do you feel rather in the romantic mood? A flowery perfume will suit you perfectly. Looking for freshness and lightness? The notes “hesperidated” are perfect.

For more warmth, and to captivate your lover, we put everything on an ultra sensual fragrance, which can turn into a weapon of massive seduction once on your skin.

The scents of musk, wood or spices are formidable aphrodisiacs, which rekindle the senses with their bewitching and carnal wake, and constitute a real invitation to temptation … Like the new Lancôme perfume – La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant – which is a true love potion!

An elixir of love
New fragrance of La Nuit Trésor family, La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant, from Lancôme, was created under the sign of sensuality, as an invitation to Love!

Its haunting trail is as addictive as the feeling of falling in love.

The first touch of raspberry, combined with the absolute sweetness of violet sublimated by white musk, is a pure delight. The rare essence of Damascena rose, combined with sensual white musk and smooth accords of sandalwood, almond, vanilla and patchouli, makes it a “floriental” elixir of pure love that can not leave anyone indifferent, and even less your darling, who will fall in love instantly!

Ode to love is the fragrance that invites sensuality. And if you dream of having an incredibly sensual night, then this is the perfume you need. It will leave in its wake an irresistible intensity that your lover will remember for a long time!


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