Why You Do Not Have To Practice Sport Empty Belly

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Many people recommend doing sports on an empty stomach to burn more calories. Still, you need to be full of energy to be really effective during your workout. You are told all the reasons that you should really eat with exercise.
Most people think that you should avoid eating directly before playing sports. The problem is that there are many pitfalls to this practice.

Apart from the fact that no one wants to hear your belly gurgle, there are many other reasons why you should not play fast.

Why not play fasting sports
Some people think that you need to play fasting sports to burn more calories or to avoid feeling bloated.

One study even proves that athletes who exercise on an empty stomach burn 20% more fat than others, since their body consumes the fat already in their body rather than the last food ingested.

But as LifeHacker magazine explains, this practice is not without risk. It would still be necessary to eat a little bit or have a small snack before engaging in sports exercises, to allow his body to have all the energy possible.

Kelly Pritchett, a sports dietetic specialist, explains, “When you play fast, your body gets used to that feeling of lack. As he senses that he is eating fat, he adjusts his metabolism and goes into “survival mode,” which means he starts to make reservations. In this case, he will consume fewer and fewer calories.

And that’s exactly the opposite of what you want when you play sports to lose weight.

Sports on a full stomach: other benefits
Another advantage to play sports full stomach: you will necessarily be less hungry after your session. Starting your session on an empty stomach will open your appetite and you will want to devour a big meal.

As a recent study in Appetite magazine reveals, all participants who ate before playing sports consumed smaller amounts of food than others throughout the day.

And if you only work out to get muscle, you must eat before your workout. Fasting exercise can burn fat as much as it can contribute to muscle loss, because if your body has consumed all of its glycogen stores, its fuel, it will fetch energy elsewhere and therefore in the muscles. Obviously, this only happens if the person practices sport on a large scale!

Obviously, we avoid to jump on a huge cheeseburger, but it is rather tempted by starchy or dried fruits to fill up with vitamins.


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