Muscle Buttocks And Refine His Size With An Elastic

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To strengthen your buttocks and refine your waist in depth, there are the “classic” exercises: squats, lateral inclinations and side kicks are among the most effective. To strengthen her buttocks ENCORE PLUS in depth, we take the same and we start again … with a rubber band (or rubber band, for bilinguals)! With these 3 fitness exercises with an elastic band, we have tonic buttocks and marked size!

When the fitness session approaches, it’s always the same song that resonates in your head: “I do not want to work …”

In question ? The impression of doing a lot, without great results. This may be because your exercises lack intensity and you are just too accustomed to it. It’s time to take the next step, remove the small wheels from the bike and pedal like a pro, all in all.

In fitness language, this translates into exercises with dumbbells, or resistance elastic. It’s great, coach Julie Ferrez gives us three exercises to strengthen her buttocks and refine her size with a 3kg resistance rubber band (or 4kg for pros)!
Squat with elastic for deep muscular buttocks
The squat to muscle her buttocks? It’s okay, we know. But when it comes to squat WITH ELASTIC, there, it gets tough.

Standing on the floor mat, place your feet in the middle of the elastic and pull on the ends on each side of your shoulders.

Hands in front of the chest, do squats as usual, the back straight, the buttocks behind and knees behind the ankles. The only difference is the resistance going up. And that changes everything.

Do 20 repetitions, thinking of exhaling at the ascent.

Exercise to refine the size: lateral inclinations with elastic
The lateral inclinations allow to strengthen his wasp waist, especially the lateral zones under the mark of the waist.

Place the left foot on the elastic and catch both ends with the left hand, at the level of the middle of the thigh.

Start with your knees slightly bent, hold your head with your right hand and begin to make slight inclinations to the left.
Keep your shoulders low and back, as if you put your shoulder blades “in the back pockets of your jeans,” said coach Julie Ferrez.

The arm that holds the elastic exerts resistance and it is the waist muscles that work on the right side.

Make 20 repetitions by inspiring well when you go to the elastic band, then switch sides.

Muscle waist and glutes thanks to side kicks with elastic
For tonic and plump buttocks, nothing like side kicks.

Lying on the left side, with your right hand resting flat in front of you and your head resting on your left hand, wedge your right foot into the elastic and hold the elastic in front of you.
Your left leg stays bent on the ground and your right leg works. Flexion, extension, flexion, extension, 20 times until changing sides. Easy, right?

To work well outside of the glutes, point the tip of the right foot to the ground.

Be sure to exhale while stretching your leg and inhaling when folding.


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