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I do not have any sexual desire anymore Your friends talk about sex all the time,
you receive all day spam asking you to meet single MILFs in your neighborhood,
you are surrounded by pretty girls, you even have one in your bed
if it is and yet here … you do not want sex.

I do not have any sexual desire anymore

Those who do (and there are many of them in fact) rarely dare to talk about them for fear of being poor people.

The pressure of society to perform as an alpha male causes them to feel abnormal and ashamed,
but not to discuss it with others.

If you are in this case, rest assured: you are not alone.

More and more men, even young, are in this case.

This problem has a name, and even an acronym:
DSH for hypoactive sexual desire (the opposite of hyperactive).

This lack of desire and fantasy often generates crises in the couple,
unless both partners suffer.

Women suffer more often, but men are more affected than people think,
especially from the age of 70.

According to a study, 26% of men over 70 have no sexual desire!

I do not have any sexual desire anymore

There are three main causes for this lack of desire:

1 / A hormonal deficiency

2 / A psychological problem

3 / The abuse of certain substances

1 / The hormonal deficit
it is of course the decline of male sex hormones,
testosterone in the first place. It is more common after 70 years
but it can happen in humans fasting.

If this is the case, it will be associated with various symptoms
(not necessarily all): a loss of muscle strength, a decline in morale,
increased volume of ‘breasts’, decreased aggression, fatigue …

If you suspect a drop in testosterone, do a test to know your testosterone,
then if necessary, adapt your lifestyle to boost your testosterone naturally
before going through the box drugs.

2 / The psychological problem
The psychological problem causing your DHS may be of multiple origin.

I do not have any sexual desire anymore

Too rigid education, the absence of dialogue on sexuality,
or on the contrary a gender-based trauma can result in a blockage.

You may even be torn between what society finds normal
and what your religion or family culture has taught you to find normal.

Your partner may also be involuntarily at the origin of your lack of desire for her:
if you put it on a pedestal, you make it untouchable even by you.

If you are in one of these cases, and if you suffer, do not hesitate to consult a sexologist, a psychologist.

It is also possible that your lack of desire is due to a psychiatric problem, especially to a pathology unfortunately very common: depression. Lack of sexual desire and lack of interest in things of life in general are common in depression.

Although it is a common disease, it should not be taken lightly. Depression can not be treated alone: ??consult a psychiatrist.

3 / Substance abuse
Abuse of certain substances, whether legal or not, can degrade the nervous system and the production of testosterone to such an extent that sexual desire is destroyed.

I do not have any sexual desire anymore

This is the case of alcohol, consumed at too high a rate too regularly. Some antidepressants are sometimes responsible for lack of desire, temporary, but do not stop them because they will help you regain sexual desire at the end of the depressive episode.

In contrast, anxiolytics, benzodiazepine type, are often responsible for desire disorders and unless they have a vital need it is best to limit their use as much as possible.

If you have a problem of lack of desire then you know what you have to do: ask yourself about the possible cause of this loss of libido and take action according to your personal case.


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