How To Prepare Before A Marathon?

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The secret to a successful marathon is first and foremost to prepare. 42.195 kilometers of race, it takes a bit of preliminary work. Cosmo gives you his advice to be ready for the day J.
Training before the marathon
Run a marathon, it can not be improvised. It is a long-term job that requires a preparation spread over time. If this is your first time, plan at least four to five months of work before you start. For a good physical preparation, you must free some space in your agenda.

Get free time for your sports challenge.

If you have the time to train four times a week, so much the better, but if it’s only twice, that’s fine too. All is to have regularity. Set goals that you can reach. Run regularly, of course, but also check out the gym. Strengthening your muscles will allow you to get a better physical condition, and you will gain endurance.

Also think about cycling and swimming to train. In all cases, proceed in stages. The goal is not to become a high-level athlete overnight, but rather to prepare your body smoothly so that it can be ready for the big day. If you burn the steps, you risk getting hurt and not being able to race.

A marathon, it runs to several
It is important to remember that a marathon is a collective effort. You run with others. Think about it during your preparation work, and try, if you can, to join a group of runners. It is much more motivating to train in a group.

Your partners will support you and support you. You will be able to compare your progress with theirs, and will be stimulated by the group effect. What’s more, running on multiple requires you to perform regular workouts.

See your fellow runners as coaches. And if your friends or colleagues run too fast for you, let them know that they will slow down. Do not try to run faster than your body can.

Eating before a marathon
To keep your body at peak, watch your diet, especially the week before the marathon. Do your best to eat well, and remember to hydrate yourself.

Feel free to try several diets to see which one fits you best. In case of fatigue, what is your ideal snack: dried fruits, a banana, an energizing smoothie?


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