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If you had 25 orgasms in a month, certainly, you had multiple orgasms. But have you had a multiple orgasm? This multi orgasm is a succession of orgasms in one SAME report. You have been told that it was the holy grail of sex! But who says Holy Grail says inaccessible to ordinary mortals … or not.
For many women, having even an orgasm is not obvious. According to the last major survey of the FIFG and site, 8% of French women have never even had.

Among women who had sex less than a year ago, 47% report having regular difficulty in reaching orgasm.

Here you are today on this article, not looking for one but two, three, four orgasms!

Are you asking too much? No ! Knowing multi-orgasm is possible (and quite reasonable), so why not try?

Multiple orgasm, it exists?
Multiple orgasm may seem utopian or even chimerical. A fantasized Holy Grail that we invented to depress us about our sexual life never blossomed, never enough orgasmic, never enough blah-blah-blah.
We agree, the cult of orgasm does not make sense, like all sexual norms that invest in spite of us our superego. Not only can you get your foot without orgasm, but in addition, an orgasm is already great.

Yes, but. Multi-orgasm exists. In a 1991 study published in the American Journal of Sexual Behavior, 15% of women report having experienced multiple orgasms. More recently, in 2015, a study of the OMGYES website raised the figure to 47%.

Mutiple orgasm is not only possible, but it is also physiological. Unlike men, who need rest (more or less long), between two orgasms, their anatomy allows women to experience successive and / or very long orgasms.

(FYI, a 46-second orgasm was documented in 1991 by American sexologists William Masters and Virginia Johnson.
Their anatomy allows women to experience successive orgasms.

Tips to increase your chances of having a multi orgasm
Ok, it’s possible. But how ? Already, you have to reach your first orgasm. Then, at the risk of disappointing you, there is no exact science on the subject, nor clear and precise instructions for use. Only testimonials and recipes with interchangeable ingredients.

We do not leave Clitoris in a corner: foreplay
Let’s start from the beginning, which, in terms of sex, means foreplay.

Invite your partner to stimulate your clitoris with his fingers, with his tongue, with both. Thorough preliminaries open two ways:

– The first (and most obvious) is that of orgasm during the penetration that follows. Largely stimulated by these hors d’oeuvres, you will be much better disposed to reach a first orgasm (and the following) during the act than if you were to “start from scratch”.

– The second is to indulge in an orgasm during the foreplay. It’s enough that your partner insists a little more and you let go and paf, it’s already 1. Then comes the penetration and multi-orgasm is not far off.

Note that to achieve orgasm from the foreplay, nothing like solo masturbation. The goal ? To know oneself sexually to be able to inform and guide one’s partner, who will only have to apply your recommendations and to add his know-how. Double benefit.
Vary the pleasures
The lucky ones who have enjoyed several times in a row converge on one thing: the multiple orgasm is attained when one varies the pleasures. If this / preliminary position works for the first orgasm, it will be better to change direction / rhythm / practice to hope for a second one. And so on until your third, fourth, fifth orgasm (OMG).

So instead of repeating the magic formula that has just walked (“Continue! Continue!”), Change everything (“Ok keep going a bit, but then change!”).

The multiple orgasm is attained when one varies the pleasures.

Slow the pace after the first orgasm
In the study conducted by OMGYES, 53% of women who experience multi-orgasm explain slowing the pace after the first orgasm.

That the fingers, the tongue or the penis responsible for this orgasm take care: it will be necessary to lift the foot (finally, the finger / tongue / penis).

Only then, when the tension is down (especially in the clitoris, sensitized by orgasm), we start again.

Upstream, strengthen your perineum
Orgasm consists of a contraction of the perineal muscles. The more toned and muscular the perineum, the more likely it is to bring blood into this area, and the more the sensation is increased during orgasm. And by ricochets, more multi-orgasm is possible.
For the muscle, we opt for geisha balls or yoni eggs, for example.

The D system also works: contraction, relaxation, contraction, relaxation … Five minutes a day in the shower, the office, or during the act by “blocking” his penis at the entrance of the vagina. But especially (oh, especially), not peeing (unless you’re not afraid of urinary tract infection)!

>> 1, 2, 3, 4 … when will it stop?


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