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High blood pressure is a condition that affects a very large number of men, especially after 50 years.

High blood pressure grow up mindWhen you are diagnosed with hypertension it is not uncommon for your doctor to forget to talk to you about your sex life, which is a shame.

Indeed, high blood pressure very often leads to sexual difficulties, especially erectile dysfunction. In fact, a man diagnosed with hypertension is two to six times more likely to have trouble bending than a man whose arteries are at the top.

High Blood Pressure and the condition of the blood vessels

In question, the condition of the blood vessels, undermined by hypertension that promotes atherosclerosis.

Knowing that it is the blood circulation in the penis that makes erection possible, when the diameter of the vessels is reduced by the plaque of atheroma, the erection becomes laborious if not impossible.

But another question arises for men with hypertension, even if their erections are still perfect:

“Is not it dangerous for me to make love?”

Let’s be honest, it depends.

If your hypertension is still poorly controlled or if you just got out of a heart attack, sexual activity, which is a moderate effort, should be avoided.
If you accumulate more than 3 risk factors or if you had a heart attack more than 2 weeks ago but less than 6, consult your doctor who will make you an exercise test to determine if you have the right to resume somersaults.
If you have less than three cardiovascular risk factors (determined by your doctor) and have not had a heart attack in the last 6 weeks, you can go!
In the latter case, sexual activity, like any moderate physical activity is even rather recommended to treat your high blood pressure.

But it is especially time to put in place an adapted lifestyle:

Weight loss in case of overweight
Stop smoking (tobacco smacking your penile arteries)
Eat healthy by reducing (really) sugars and fats
Do sports several times a week
Do not reshape his dishes
And medicines?

It is recognized that some medications for hypertension have an extremely negative effect on erection.

If you find that your erections are significantly less satisfactory since taking this medication, it is important to discuss it with your doctor.

There are several types of antihypertensive medications and not all of them have the same negative effects on erection.

Be careful, if you are under treatment for high blood pressure, never take erection medications without talking to your doctor.

Certain antihypertensive drugs, but also certain nitrite derivatives to improve erection (such as beet juice) would form a very dangerous cocktail with the blue pill.


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