Classical Dance Ballet

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For the last two years, she has been making entrechats, Chloe feels in a state of grace. Zoom on a glamorous sport: Classical dance …
The practice of classical dance

Dancing in tutu, for me, it was a dream.
But I thought that if we had not started at age 5, it was screwed up.

I slumped on the ground bar, a little frustrated. Then one day, my gym opened a classics class. The other girls were newbies, like me.
The teacher immediately reassured us by explaining that we would take pleasure quickly and that we would not be in the torture as in “Black Swan”. The most important thing is motivation, not flexibility! The course is very fun, we study the folded, the tense, the exercises facing the bar, but we do not stay on for hours, we really dance.

After a few lessons, a mini-choreography was already in progress.

What outfit to do ballet?

A leotard and slippers with non-slip soles.
In winter, we add woolen leggings and a wrap.

The sensations

I fly.
I am in another space-time. I am so concentrated by my gestures and impregnated by the music that I do not pay any more attention to nothing. The only thing that cuts my wings is when the teacher comes behind me to correct a movement. But it does not last, and she’s always right.

Tips for Adult Classical Dance

The key: tighten your abs! It avoids hurting your back and it gives a more fluid style: we have better support, so better balance, and less muscle after! Even to hold on her legs in extension, strength comes from the belly. Breathing is also important: it is done in the ribs, on the side and the back – what is called “breathe by the back”. Once we click, we progress very quickly!

Expected results

If you practice twice a week (classes last an hour and a half), the results are fast. In six months, my legs and buttocks have taken a nice shape. Classical dance stretches the muscles, making it seem more elongated. My chest was toned, my shoulders and my bust were muscled while finesse too. But above all, I am very proud of my belly, which was my great weakness.

I was doing dozens of abs a day, I still had that little belly. Now it’s ultra-flat, concrete. I would never have achieved such a result so quickly. Overall, it gives me a very nice look, a nice step. I feel in a state of grace physically and morally, and this light must reflect because I have never been so approached …


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