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How to carve, lose weight fast and above all,
to keep a dream body?
Malignant recipes, slimming tips, massages …
Put the odds on your side thanks
to the tips of the pros of thinness!
Exercise to lose weight
Walking to slim down
A successful thinning is necessarily
accompanied by a sporting activity.
The simplest ? Walking.

How many ? 20 minutes the first seven days of the diet,
30 minutes from the eighth day,
1 hour per day in case of stagnation of weight.
Finally, again a 30 minute walk to consolidate the weight loss.
Count ten days of stabilization per kilogram lost.

Dare the fitness by internet to lose weight
With these exos filmed online,
I tonic and I remodel without moving from home.

Weigh heavier
Muscle weighs 5 times more than fat
and burns 30 calories per kilogram per day.
In conclusion, if I weigh 60 kilos
and I have 40 kilos of lean mass
(almost all scales indicate today),
I will consume 1,200 calories,
even without doing anything:
this is called the energy expenditure of rest.

It’s worth it to have muscles!

Playing with the elastic band to lose weight quickly
No, not like in the playground: like Jessica Biel,
I sculpt a bikini silhouette with an Elastiband,
a muscle strengthening elastic.

I slip one under each foot, then more than lift arms
and legs for resistance to operate.
To find with the exos DVD at Go Sport.

Food reflexes to slim down fast
Sip buckwheat to lose weight quickly
Roasted buckwheat seeds are the detox of the moment in Hollywood:
Demi Moore is adept. The recipe of Valérie Orsoni,
creator of the site of slimming coaching
to grill a handful of buckwheat seeds
in the pan then let them infuse 5 minutes in very hot water.
Easy !

Adopt the anti-craving breakfast
10 almonds
+ 20 raisins soaked in a little water
+ 2 tablespoons of cereals (buckwheat petals, millet, etc., but no wheat)
+ 1/2 lemon squeezed
+ 1/2 banana cut into thin slices
+ 1 portion of fruit that holds in your hand
+ 1 plain yoghurt with soya or sheep’s milk
+ 1 tablespoon of olive oil
+ 1 teaspoon of honey.

= a real balanced breakfast. Mix with a fork, and yum.

Choosing slow sugars to lose weight quickly
Fast sugars (sweets, pastries)
increase blood sugar levels
and cravings by 11 hours and 17 hours.

To me slow sugars, rice, pasta and cereals,
all complete. Do not over-cook them:
their glycemic index is lower
and they are richer in vitamins,
especially those in group B,
which help to stay zen all day long.

Slimming tip: Assuming the gaps
Too much chocolate? Do not panic,
first there is more serious,
and especially there are solutions.

It takes two days to excess sugar to turn into fat.
So the same day, 3 tablespoons of oat bran
that reduces the speed of assimilation
of fast sugars + 30 minutes of walking minimum,
including the next day and the day after tomorrow
(we can even continue after!).

Reset counters
One day a week, I have a protein day. On the menu:
defatted ham, egg, skinless poultry,
Grisons meat or light cheese, green salad
that I do not flood with vinaigrette
and 1.5 liters of fresh water.

A reflex that allows me to erase the missteps of the week.

I’m tracking fake friends
Some foods seem light, but hide their game.

Bottled fruit juice, sugar-screened
and less vitamin-rich than freshly squeezed fruit.
In the morning cereals: even say lightened,
they are often too sweet.
To dairy products at 0%, which have almost
the same caloric level as a natural yogurt,
while being less good.
With fruity yogurts and bread,
which release into the body of “flashes of sugars”
very quickly assimilated.
Seared frozen vegetables,
pre-cooked in oil and so soaked with grease.
Ready meals, often too salty or too fat.
Balsamic vinegar, in fact very sweet.

Balancing to lose weight
To lose weight easily,
the pH of the body must be close to 7.4, or be slightly alkaline.