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What are the best exercises to have a muscular body? You want to have dream abs but you lack courage? You are told to motivate yourself to do abs. Raise dumbbells? Yes but not just how. Make your buttocks work, strengthen the bottom of your body, back or chest, easy with our exercises accessible to all! At home or in the gym, learn how to build muscles quickly and sustainably.
To have a dream body, discover the best exercises to have a muscular body in videos. Whether you want to do weight training, cardio or dance, the best fitness tips are on Cosmo. For you to tone, muscle or get in shape, fitness is for you.

SPORT When Fasting

Can You Do Sport When Fasting?

Playing fasting sports offers many benefits, sometimes surprising, especially in the context of weight loss. Although often recommended, it must be kept in mind that this practice is not insignificant… Read more »