The cardio, or cardio-training,
will make you beat the heart to the hour.
The physical activities involves doing
more exercises which will stimulate your strengthen
and heart rate, your entire cardiovascular system.

the exercises you do will be more or less intense
Depending on your own heart rate.

Cardio exercises

Cardio can be used everywhere,
but the gyms are well equipped
to vary the exercises and provide
group classes centered around fitness practices.
The exercises around the cardio are not limited to endurance.

They impose at the heart of strong accelerations
which stimulate the blood flow.
The heart is muscle in its entirety

thanks to short and long durations.

In the gym, if the cardio tempts you,
head for the rower, treadmill, step or aqua gym.
They are part of the cardio palette.

If you prefer the fresh air or the softness of your apartment,
go for a brisk walk, run, bike or exercise bike,
jump rope or even climb the stairs.
And in fine weather,
put on your swimsuit and go to the pool
for a few lengths of pool,
another cardio exercise accessible to all.

Cardio and benefits

Doing cardio, like most fitness activities,
will muscle your entire body, not just the heart.
Even if it will boost your heart system in its entirety.
You will gradually become more enduring,
less breathless at the least effort and be more resistant.
Cardio workouts burn a maximum of calories.

They are perfect if you want to display
a slim and curvy silhouette
or do some food excess in peace.
The sequence of exercises will improve your reflexes
and your speed of movement.
Remember to vary to muscle different parts of your body
and refine yourself in harmony.

Cardio in complete safety

Be careful if you start practicing cardio.
It’s not about exhausting yourself
and counteracting its beneficial effects.
You will be subjected to long and intense efforts.
Take all your precautions by first performing
a stress test at a cardiologist,
who will give you a medical certificate
and your heart rate to the effort.
If you are followed by a coach,
it will be based on your heart rate
with the effort to concoct a personalized program.


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