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The California Institute of Technology is a private doctorate university located in California U.S.
Caltech has 6 academics schools with strong emphasis on engineering and science,
managing in 2011 $332 million in sponsored research.
Caltech is cited as among the world’s best universities.
The California Institute of Technology Caltech ranked number one
for the percentage of the graduates who go on to earn a PhD in the U.S.

the California Institute of Technology has 50 ha for the primary campus and it located in Pasadena,
California U.S., approximately 18 km northeast of downtown Los Angeles U.S.
The mission of California Institute of Technology Caltech investigate the most fundamental problems,
challenging in technology and science in a singularly collegial,
interdisciplinary atmosphere, which educating students to become more creative members of society. more details to academic department

The California Institute of Technology Caltech Academic Divisions

Biology and Biological Engineering
– Frontiers in Bioengineering
– Principles of Biology
– The Great Ideas of Biology: Exploration through Experimentation
– Current Research in Biology
– Introduction to Molecular Biology: Regulation of Gene Expression
– Cell Biology

California Institute of Technology Caltech

– Introductory Biology Laboratory
– Freshman Seminar: In Search of Memory
– Undergraduate Research
– Biology Tutorials
– Scientific Communication for Biological Scientists and Engineers
– Undergraduate Research in Bioengineering
– Undergraduate Research in Medical Engineering
– Medical Engineering Seminar
– Introduction to Clinical Physiology and Pathophysiology for Engineers
– Brains, Minds, and Society
– Data Analysis in the Biological Sciences
– Design for Freedom from Disability
– Comparative Biomechanics
– Introduction to Biochemistry
– Biochemistry of Gene Expression

– Design, Invention, and Fundamentals of Microfluidic Systems
– Immunology
– Mechanical Behavior of Materials
– Developmental Biology
– Physics of Measurement
– Mixed-mode Integrated Circuits
– Genetics
– Tissue and Organ Physiology
– Design Principles of Genetic Circuits
– Introduction to Neuroscience
– Case Studies in Systems Physiology
– Vertebrate Evolution
– Signal Transduction and Mechanics in Morphogenesis

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Engineering and Applied Science
Geological and Planetary Sciences
Humanities and Social Sciences
Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy
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