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Tannins, polyphenols, vitamins, antioxidants …
The list of molecules composing green tea
makes it a tasty drink as well as virtuous!
Benefits health, beauty, thinness
and many others succeed in its leaves,
used for centuries as a medicinal remedy.
Detail review of a greedy and powerful ritual.

The health benefits of green tea

For nearly 5000 years,
tea has been used as a medicinal plant,
fighting against more than sixty diseases. Impressed ?
This is just the beginning !

Anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial,
it reduces hypertension, strengthens the immune system
and fights against tumors. Dental caries fear him,
the digestive system loves him, cholesterol hates him.

Always stronger ? Green tea helps prevent type 2 diabetes,
certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases or arteriosclerosis.
And by the way, activates the metabolism
and improves vitality or performance!

The virtues of green tea could even help
prevent Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s by stimulating the brain …

Only detail to watch: green tea can be more or less rich in theine,
equivalent to caffeine released into the body for six hours.
Beware of green tea before sleeping.

Green tea and thinness

Drink to eliminate, the principle is not new.
Which is good, since green tea goes a lot further!
Combined with a balanced diet,
it absorbs some of the bad cholesterol
and slows the absorption of fat and carbohydrates.

Its combination of theine and caffeine helps burn fat.
As for the catechin, it regulates the weight
and distributes the fat in the body!
A flat stomach effect of the most enjoyable,
weight loss or not.

The beauty benefits of green tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants,
these magicians of renewal. Their method?
Trapping free radicals and fight against oxidative stress.

Or, more simply, slow the aging of cells and stimulate
their renewal for a healthy skin!

Beyond the brew, make homemade masks to tighten your pores,
or even a rinse to shine your hair.

Green tea and dental hygiene

Bonus effect, green tea polyphenols participate in oral hygiene.
There is no question of replacing the toothbrush,
but its consumption helps to limit the proliferation of oral bacteria!

It fights against gingivitis, periodontitis, caries and dental plaque.

And it even contains fluorine, to strengthen the enamel.
Some toothpastes have understood this well,
integrating green tea into their components …


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