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Become a Mastermind with Women You have noticed
how some men easily reach their ends with women while
others galera as much as they can and usually go home alone?

The seducers are not necessarily beautiful, rich or super bright (of course I will not tell you stories: it helps).

No, seducers are mostly great psychologists and they excel at manipulating their prey.

But as women are increasingly aware of the most advanced seduction techniques, it is better to do in the subtlety.

Become a Mastermind with Women

Without further ado I will reveal to you the oldest and most effective seduction technique:

Look in your eyes.

Yes, in the eyes, not elsewhere.

No, it is not a question of sparing his modesty or to make him believe that you drink his words and that his body does not interest you.

It is simply a technique that allows you to create real unconscious reflexes in the person you are looking straight in the eyes.

It is scientifically proven that watching someone right in the eye increases their sexual arousal physiologically (ie physically and unconsciously).

Become a Mastermind with Women

On the other hand, researchers have recently discovered that looking at a woman in the eyes improves her self-esteem, promotes her memorization of events and gives her a better perception of who is watching her.

Become a Mastermind with Women

In short when you look at a woman in the eyes, even your 20-year-old companion,

– she feels better with herself
– she remembers better what you said.
– and in the case of a first meeting, she remembers you better than you.

And if you make him drink a little drink it should help, but no need to make it drunk:

A single drink of alcohol pushes women to socialize in a festive environment, and also helps them to better perceive happy faces.

So, give him a beer, look in his eyes and smile at him, it will be done alone!


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