7 Questions You Should Ask For Your Sport Coach

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It is nice to postpone the deadline again and again, the time has come to get into the sport. And so as not to dry the courses in the second session, why not take a sports coach? With him, no choice, it will work and sweat! But before you start, here are seven questions you should ask him.

Source of joy for some, obsessive for others, the sport leaves no woman indifferent. If you have decided to put yourself in for good, there are different options available to you: lessons in solo, small or large groups, at home, in a gym, outdoors. Among these different solutions, there is also the possibility of hiring a sports coach.

The advantage of an individual course is precisely that it is individualized. Unlike a room full of well-intentioned people who want to lose weight, one of the legs, the other belly, the other of the buttocks, your sports coach will adapt his exercises according to the areas you want to work. In addition, if you do the classes in a gym, it will teach you how to use the equipment so you do not get hurt.

But before you go over and hire a personal trainer, make sure you choose the right one! Because all this has a price. To help you in your quest for the lucky winner, here are seven questions you should ask him.

How do I know which parts of my body I have to work on?
It is important to start with this question. You must make sure that your coach knows all types of morphologies and can adapt according to your personal situation.

You want to tone your abs? Improve your endurance? Muscle your buttocks? A good coach should advise you on which areas to work, how often, and how to do it.

Is it a good idea to continue training without you?
A good sports coach should answer you: yes.

A priori, you do not take sports lessons with him every day (in which case your portfolio might make a syncope!). So, to compensate for his absence, your coach is supposed to show you exercises that you can reproduce alone. This can be very helpful in continuing to progress and lose weight faster.

How can I set goals?
If you do not know where to start, your personal trainer should be able to help you. The ideal is to set an overall goal and break it down into several stages.

Talking about your goals with your coach is probably the thing you will do first with him. He can then concoct a small program specially made for you!

What is your greatest achievement?
If you are starting a personal training, choosing an experienced person will help reassure you. And if you are reassured, you will be more motivated!

Ask him what his greatest pride is as a coach or what his own physical transformations were. You will see that it is a human like everyone else and you can be inspired by his iron will.

How long will I need a sports coach?
It all depends on your degree of motivation, will tell you your coach. If you want to train from time to time, just to do some sports, and you continue to eat and drink without paying attention, in this case you will need a long-term sports coach to see the effects .

However, if you train three to four times a week, and you pay attention to what you eat and drink, after six weeks you will see the first results. So you can stop after that and replicate the exercises alone, or register for a group class.

How does a good coach encourage his clients?
A good relationship coach / client plays a lot on the feeling. Before you can potentially start classes, you need to know how to motivate your clients. Is it rather severe? Benevolent? Indulgent?

It is very important that it sticks with your personality. Otherwise, you may be discouraged and give up after a few sessions. And generally, the bad experiences do not give any more desire to redo the sport.

Can you help me change my eating habits?
Weight loss or fitness comes through sport, but also, and above all, a balanced diet.

A good sports coach must be able to advise you on good eating habits to adopt. It’s also part of his program to get you back on track!


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