To make love is to liberate one’s body as well as one’s mind. You must learn to: boost your self-confidence, overcome your complexes and assume your fantasies. Sexo yoga is a great way to combine sport and sexual pleasure. To help you become sexually confident and supple, here are five yoga positions to test under the duvet.
It was believed that yoga was classified among the Zen activities, even cushy. And now we learn that behind the posture of cobra, there would be the key to pleasure. It is Heberson Oliveira who confirms it to us at L’Usine sports club, where he is a teacher of “sex and yoga”.

For him, it’s simple: “This discipline improves flexibility, makes work the mobility of the pelvis, muscle back and abs. But his best sex asset is that it can tone the perineum. ”

Périnée? “It’s this muscle that you contract when you have an urge,” says Heberson. So easy to feel it. To work it too. Our sex teacher and yoga gives us five exos, to do once a week at home.

Put on a relaxing playlist, take out your carpet and open your chakras!

Yoga Posture to Improve Your Sex Life: The Kidney Shot
What’s the point ?
Knowing that sex is, according to a 2013 SexyAvenue survey, 300 shots on average, this posture makes us work the motor skills of the hips, and muscle abs (always good to take).
The posture:
Knees flexed, feet parallel to the width of the pelvis, one puts the hands on the hips. By inspiring, we arch the back and tilt the pelvis backwards.

Exhaling, we contract well buttocks, we move the pelvis forward by tucking the belly. With each movement, the perineum is contracted.

Position of sexo-yoga: the big gap
What’s the point ?
Thanks to this posture, you gain strength and energy. Our next love session will last longer and we will live it more intensely. And who knows, to the key, a multiple orgasm.
The posture:
Knees flexed as if sitting on a chair, we spread their feet at 10:10, we close the glutes and we enter the belly. We bring our hands together in prayer.

With your back straight, you contract the perineum and breathe deeply through the nose. You have to keep a minimum of thirty seconds. Too easy ? We increase until one minute.

If it burns in the thighs, buttocks and abs, it is a sign that the muscles are working a max and that we are forging a body Beyoncé.

Boosting her sex life with yoga: full ecstasy
What’s the point ?
At the moment of orgasm, everything is played at the level of contraction of the lower abdomen: the more this area is tonic, the better you feel pleasure and the more you can control it.

This posture makes us work the entire abdominal chain, so it is ideal. But beware, even if you are a regular at the gym, it heats!
The posture:
We sit on the floor, with our legs extended and our backs straight, and we put our hands on the ground. One bends the knees, one enters the belly and one contracts the perineum.

After that, it becomes a bit complicated: we bend the bust slightly backwards and we raise our feet from the ground. Hop, we keep as long as possible. It’s okay ? We move on to the higher stage by trying to stretch our legs. We breathe quietly, and always by the nose.

Boosted sexual energy, the yoga position not to be zapped
What’s the point ?
Knowing that one makes love with one’s head as well as one’s body, this position activates the flow of energy by moving it from the feet to the roots of the hair, and reconnects body and spirit.

In addition, it increases the strength and flexibility of the back, improves muscle tone and makes work abs and glutes. What a bonus!
The posture:
This is the famous “cobra”, one of the essential yoga positions. We lie on our belly, we put our head on the ground and we place his hands under the shoulders. We take a deep breath and push on the hands to straighten the bust, stretching the back. We open our chest well, trying not to contract the shoulders.

Letting go, a yoga posture to boost your sex life
What’s the point ?
We sometimes stay hidden under the sheets, or under the shirt we want to keep, “it’s a little cool, right? “…

This posture allows you to let go totally, to live intensely the present moment. And put aside the small complexes that prevent us from being ourselves 100% during love.
The posture:
We lie on our back, legs slightly apart and palms facing the sky. We close our eyes and empty our heads. The goal: to concentrate on oneself and to abstract from any negative thought.

We stay still in this position for at least four minutes. If we can relax enough, we must feel a sensation of floating.


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