5 Foods Rich In Proteins

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But why do we need so much protein? Animal or vegetable, they are essential to the proper functioning of our organization. To give us energy, to maintain our muscles, to stimulate our cells … They are essential to our survival. Here are 5 protein-rich foods to replenish your energy!

Sardines, fish rich in protein
Rich in nutritional qualities, sardines are highly recommended by nutritionists. Because it is not only red meat that contains protein, fatty fish and seafood are also provided!

It is even recommended to eat seafood several times a week because they are also good for morale. If sardines are also interesting for our body, it’s because they are rich in protein, calcium, omega 3 and vitamin D.

And, unlike salmon, they are much less loaded with mercury. You can alternate with mackerel or herring to vary the pleasures. Do not hesitate to use vegetable oil to accompany your dishes. In addition to giving taste, it will bring you many nutrients.

High protein food: lentils
These legumes have a long history of nutritional benefits. They allow to cook dishes rich in protein but low in fat. They are also composed of fibers, which allows a better digestion.

It is possible to consume them with a meat, a fish but also with semi-complete rice and coconut milk for a perfume of Orient. Prefer dry lentils with canned lentils.

Bet on nuts to refuel
It is a secret that is transmitted from generation to generation: nuts are the secret weapon against time passing. Excellent for health, they have incredible virtues for the body! If they are very rich in amino acids, they are also rich in protein.

Obviously, a handful of nuts does not replace a meat steak, but it provides an excellent complement of energy. You can eat it during the day. Much more dietary than a chocolate bar, nuts are also perfect appetite suppressants!

To appreciate their flavor, you can also eat them in salad, with blue cheese and endives.

High protein food: eggs
In the dish, in the hull or omelette, the eggs are a central element of our diet. They are an essential source of protein! However, when you buy them, pay attention to where they come from: it is better for chickens to see the sky and play outside.

You can eat the eggs alone or incorporate them into a quiche or cake. Rich in protein, they are particularly recommended for people who follow a vegetarian diet. Also made of omega 3, eggs are easy to cook and eat!

Betting on meat to eat protein
Of course, red meat and poultry are the highest protein foods. But be careful, it is recommended not to eat every day, especially red meat: limit your consumption to twice a week.


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