4 Sport Exercises To Muscle Quickly

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Playing sports is a must, but sometimes you do not really have the time. While everyone rushes to the gym and strives to try to beef up their upper body and lower body, you are looking for a way to find a niche in your day to devote yourself to a few sports exercises. . Rest assured, it is possible to build quickly, even almost instantly. Here are 4 physical activities to build you up immediately.

It is impossible to sleep every night with a perfect body, firm and muscular. But if you need to feel better in your body and find that you need to do some exercise, it is possible. With the right movements and the good reflexes, you can firm up in one go (one barely exaggerates).

There is nothing magic, it’s scientific. According to Angeles Burke, who works at the International Federation of Bodybuilding, sports exercise boosts your blood flow to your muscles. As a result, your body looks slimmer and your figure looks better defined. Why ? Because sweating helps to drain all the water between your muscles and your skin.

When you do not have a lot of time in front of you, focus on the most important muscle groups (because they are the most visible). To make the big ones work: your arms, your upper body, your thighs, your buttocks and you feel more sure of yourself with a snap of your fingers, follow our sports program.

Repeat the training 4 times to see the result.

Alternate lunge movements
This exercise muscle your buttocks, quadriceps, legs and strengthens your cardio. As a result, you produce endorphin and you feel incredibly well.

How to do this exercise:

Take a step forward with your right foot and make a right angle with your knee (as if you were applying for an engagement). Your knee should be perfectly aligned with your right ankle. Bend both arms, keep your left arm in front of you and place your right arm behind you. In the most natural way possible, take a leap and alternate the position of the feet and arms. You are ready to make lunge movements!

Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Make rebounds
Angeles Burke swears by this exercise, she does it just before the bikini competitions to tighten and lift her glutes.

How to do this exercise:

Lean on a table or chair and place your hands down to keep your balance. Keep your hips aligned and your legs well stretched. Move your weight on your left foot and swing your right leg back. Try to throw it as high as possible, when you feel a contraction in your buttocks, hold the position and bring your leg down.

Repeat this exercise 25 times on the right side and 25 times on the left side.

Do push-ups
Yes, the exercise that everyone hates (even men), for the good reason that it’s really not easy. However, the pumps are really efficient. They work your back, shoulders, arms and bust (all at the same time). Pumps are therefore a great way to build up your upper body while trying to have J.Lo’s buttocks.

How to do this exercise:

Put yourself in the plank position. Place your palms directly under your shoulders and make sure your body forms a straight line. Hold your upper body firmly, bend your elbows and lower your body to the ground. Once your chest hovers above the ground without touching it, take a break and resume your plank position. If it’s too hard for you, help yourself with a bench. Are you there?

Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Make dynamic squats
Do you know that the front part of your stomach consists of a very important muscle group? The exercise of dynamic squats can isolate and make better work big muscles. As a result, your body looks slimmer.

How to do this exercise:

Start on the floor with your arms and legs stretched out in front of you. Balancing on your glutes, lift your feet on the floor and bring your knees to your chest. In a controlled movement, extend your legs and lean back so that your feet and upper body are as close to the floor as possible without touching it.

Repeat 20 times.

And if you want to optimize your results, do not hesitate to add another 5 minutes to your training. For example, you can improve your heart rate with running. And do not forget, the key to feeling good in your body is to feel good in your head.

But for those who are really lazy, we suggest you


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