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The lower body is our plague to us women, if not our obsession. It is often in the thighs that cellulite tends to lodge. And what a joy to reveal beautiful legs firm. To firm the lower body, only one solution, appropriate exercises. On the way to steel glutes and gazelle legs.
My buttocks are concrete
To display your best profile with a firm buttocks, it is not complicated, on the contrary, provided you do not let go to all the gourmet fantasies and practice regularly some exercises.

Stand upright with your feet parallel and in line with your shoulders.
Flex your knees keeping your back straight and extending your arms in front of you.
Do the exercise by leaning forward to make the buttocks come out well.
Repeat the exercise thirty times.
Take a short break and resume.

Once you have completed your series, go to the second gluteus exercise.
Still standing, lift one leg straight back while tilting the upper body forward.
Contract your glutes and abs well and keep your back straight.
Alternate the support legs.
Make at least four sets of thirty movements to dress up your buttocks.

My thighs are chopsticks
Finish the little fat from the top of the thigh by muscling properly.

To display endless and slender dancer legs, think about this simple exercise that is the slot.
Stand with your hands on your hips, take a big step forward, bending your knees.
One knee is fully flexed while the other is touching the ground. Then rise up.
Do this exercise by alternating the support leg, otherwise one leg will muscled.

And above all, do not throw yourself on the ground. Slow bodybuilding gestures are much more effective and less traumatic.

You can also take yourself for a chair for a few seconds.
Mimic the gesture of the seat by leaning against a wall and arms along the body.
You will have to hold the position for at least thirty seconds.
Repeat a dozen times.

This exercise is very complete and muscle the lower body, thighs and glutes, but also the abdominals.
He is also quite physical in his easy appearances.

And to keep the line and your child’s soul, invest in a skipping rope.
Run a few sets running while twirling your rope or jumping with your feet together.


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