24 Thought That All Beginners In running Know

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Running is trendy. We put on his pair of running shoes, his special running leggings and we start. Running is a way of exercising without paying a subscription to the local gym. It’s also a way to stay in shape while having fun. Finally, it depends on who. Discover the 24 thoughts that cross the head of a beginner when it begins!
It’s rather cloudy, rainy, gray, threatening, wet today. Yes, yes all at once. Maybe I’d better go run another day after all. What’s the weather tomorrow?
No, no, I’m going there. I rush. I am determined. I’m sure it’ll be great once launched.
I’d better pee again before leaving the house.
There it’s done. Let’s go ! Let’s go !

Wow, running is hard. Very very hard. I had not thought about it.
My great sports bra bought for the occasion does not serve me for nothing.
I love this song! I can do it ! I can do it! We motivate ourselves …
I can not breath anymore. I must be halfway through the course. (A quick glance at the running app) What ?! I did not even run a kilometer ?!
Cool, a red light! I’ll have to stop … although it’s frankly beyond my control. Not my fault.
And … it’s green for pedestrians. Why ?! Why does it never happen when I try to catch up with my bus?
I hate running.
I breathe really hard there. Do the people around me hear me? Shame !
Is my face crimson? (Small glance in the reflection of a window) I am almost purple !!!
My lace seems to be slowly but surely breaking. I will have to stop and redo it. It could be dangerous, right?
Good by the way, I can take the opportunity to take pictures and post them on Instagram #jadorelerunning.
Who are these joggers who do not sweat and who surpass me without effort?
Ohhhh, that little dog is so cute. Well, maybe I should buy one and run with him.
My knee hurts. Maybe I am seriously injured?
Why do people go after marathons? It’s not human to run for so long!
It’s supposed to be funny? it is frankly not for the moment.
I finished with a lot! I am tired. I think I’m going to lie on the floor. I’m not sure I can get up.
Ok so I have almost done 3 kilometers. Almost. If I am asked, I would say that I ran 3.5 kilometers.
From now on, I am a runner. A real.
Wait, wait … I really have to do this several times a week ?!


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