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Valentine’s Day depresses you in advance? You hate this holiday because you are single? Because there is nothing more commercial? Because you know, in advance, that your guy will not offer you anything for Valentine’s Day (or at least will fall beside your craziest desires)? So many good reasons to offer a gift to yourself, just to yourself!

Valentine’s Day, we like it or we leave it. But if it can give an opportunity to make a gift, then we are ready to make a little effort. You do not even have to wait until February 14 to open it!

Treat yourself to a Valentine’s Day gift to celebrate self-love

Those for whom Valentine’s Day matters greatly fear the arrival of February 14th. For them, this is just another opportunity to remember that they are single and they struggle to find love.

Others are in a relationship but their memories of Valentine’s Day are more of a nightmare than “life in pink”.

Others are simply anti-Valentine’s Day as they are anti-Halloween and anti-Christmas: fed up with commercial holidays that force to spoil their loved ones for no reason.

Others are at the beginning of a relationship and are panicked at the idea of ​​giving a gift to their new guy and getting him on his heels.

Short. If we played down Valentine’s Day? If we zapped the torque side of the thing to focus on oneself?

” the beginning of a love story is To love oneself  that will last a lifetime,” said Wilde wisely.

You like yourself ? Say it with flowers / candles / sextoys / clothes / posters …

Our selections of gifts to offer oneself

What is good with self-gifts is that they fall inevitably into the mile.

Choice, the classic department: clothes stack as it should, decorative objects perfectly matched with his home, make-up custom products …

Gourmet department, chocolates of course, or at least a pretty vintage box to slip his favorite treats.

And in the olé-olé department, why not celebrate solo pleasure with a vibrator, or a clitoral stimulator?

>> In short, discover without further delay our selection of Valentine’s gifts to be made to oneself, just to oneself!


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