11 Inspiring Citations Of The Icons Of Women Sport

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In a world that still values male sport to the detriment of women’s sports, female athletes are true models of fighting spirit, determination and self-confidence. Models that we want to inspire on a daily basis. Find motivation through these 11 great sports quotes. A boost that is good!
To be a high-level athlete is to constantly surpass oneself and to be determined to achieve one’s goals. And that requires a lot of self-confidence, especially in some sports that are still quite macho.

Through their booster quotes, their feminist quotes, Serena Williams, Bethany Hamilton, Michael Wie and eight other icons of women’s sport give us a boost that feels good.

The quotes of high-level athletes on self-confidence
Michelle Payne, jockey.
“Horse racing is a pretty macho environment. Many horse owners wanted me to give up. Well, all those who think that women are not good enough have only to go see each other. ”

Serena Williams, tenniswoman.
“I always considered myself the best. I never thought I was not in the game. ”

Bethany Hamilton, surfer.
“Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, strength, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of. To hell with sweetness and glitter! ”

Katie Taylor, boxer.
“I want to tell all girls that it’s not the make-up and the look that matter. ”

Overcoming, the credo of high performance athletes
Michelle Wie, golfer.

“Everyone plays their own game against themselves. I do not see any rivalry. We are just trying to play the best we can. ”

Marta, footballer.
“You must never give up and always keep your self-confidence. We are bound to experience difficult times, but the obstacles we encounter make us even more determined to realize our dreams, against all odds. ”

Jessica Ennis Hill, athlete.
“I am proud of how I recovered from my failures. It’s hard when you feel deep in the pit, and you wonder why you deserved it. But you have to pick yourself up and get up yourself. That’s what makes a great athlete. ”

Sporting Quotes: Being Determined to Achieve Your Goals
Paula Radcliffe, marathoner.
“Every time I come out of my house and run, it’s to go out and run faster than I’ve ever done before. ”

Billie Jean King, tenniswoman.
“The champions never stop playing until they succeed. ”

Lady Kelly Holmes, athlete.
” Pressure. Oh my God, the pressure. When I think about it now, with hindsight, I tell myself that there is only one way to succeed, it is to find one’s way and to fight until our dreams come true. ”

Steffi Graf, tenniswoman.
“I never look back. Always straight ahead. ”
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Take care of yourself to bend your thighs
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